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Mould Removal Perth. Some of the equipment used by MouldandMore Moisture Meters are used to detect excess moisture in various materials such as , gyprock,, plaster ,carpet, concrete timber and ...

On Site Mould Testing

On site Mould Testing: Using the latest technology the MYCOMETER MYCOMETER SURFACE MOULD ON SURFACES. The Mycometer-surface product quantifies fungal biomass ...

Understanding exposure to mould

Understanding Exposure To Mould In understanding how exposure to mould might cause or contribute to illnesses it is useful to distinguish among the meanings of the words allergenic, pathogenic, and toxic ...

Mould and More - Mould Removal Perth

Mould Removal Perth - For nearly 10 years Mould and More has been eradicating and removing mould in Perth for both the residential and commercial sectors. Mould and More are highly trained specialists and 100% certified.

Mould and More are considered an authority in all facets of mould remediation in Perth WA. We offer cleaner living solutions for Perth residents.

Please see the list of services.

  • Mould Inspections -Mould Testing -Sampling-Remediation-Removal and Specialist Cleaning, Water Damage & Hygiene services Perth:
  • Certified Residential -Commercial Mould Inspections - Certified Mould Remediations -Certified Mould Remediation Protocols: (PPMI)
  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspections (Mould, Damp/Moisture, VOC” S Residential/Commercial:
  • (Vic’s,) Volatile Organic Compounds Residential/Commercial: (Formaldehyde (C0) Carbon Monoxide: (CO2) Carbon Dioxide:
  • Serving Perth, Outer Suburbs and Country Towns:

What is the Quality of Air in My Home or Office?

The quality of air inside the home has a direct effect on one’s health. Ideally, air quality indoors should be clean and healthy. Many factors may contribute to health risks such as respiratory problems if there is poor air circulation and quality inside the home. One of these factors is the existence and growth of mould which can be sourced from a variety of materials. Moulds are environmental contaminants which can cause serious health problems if left for a long time.

Some tTypes of moulds are: Aspergillus, Cladosporium, and Stachybotrys. Moulds flourish in the air during the change in seasons or humidity when there is more than enough moisture in the air, from floods and Leaks.

Mould Can Cause Health Issues

They grow on surfaces where there is a perfect environmet for them to survive. Some moulds do not simply just grow overnight as they can remain unnoticed for long periods of time. If the source is not treated and removed it may cause health issues. Some moulds may in some cases such as Aspergillus be able to cause serious health issues. Cladosporium may trigger certain kinds of allergies; and Stachybotrys can potentially cause serious health issues.

It is important to understand where mould can be found in the home or premises to have them treated before they can do further damage to one’s health. To have the expertise of a Mould Remediation/Removal Cleaning specialist do the task on your behalf. Using professional solutions to wipe the mould and spores inside your home or premises, the company ensures homeowners/clients of good quality of air indoors. The company always guarantees to clients not only a one-off measure to keep the home clean from mould, but also long-term solutions to keep them from returning.

Hidden Mould:  Mould found to the wall behind a wall mounted Bedhead.

Mould and More trained and certified is adept at eliminating all sorts of moulds and their sources from one’s home or premises. Being around in the business for years, the team behind Mould and More employs effective methods to ensure that mould growth and spores have been dealt with.




What makes Mould and More Perth’s mould remediation/removal procedure work?

  • The company starts off with inspecting the cause of the mould and the extent of its growth from every possible area around the home or premises. A Visible inspection.
  • some equipment then used moisture meter, humidity meter and used on such as the ceilings, walls, subfloors and roof cavities among others.
    • The next step is correcting the situation by remediation and removing the moulds in the areas where they are found and using extinguishing agents for airborne bacteria or surface moulds.
  •  Controlling the problem with mould and bacteria is not just about eliminating them as a one-off thing, but rather a more permanent solution is applied to keep mould from occurring repeatedly in the future.
    Mould and More can conduct mould testing if required as well as a full written report. Clearance testing can also be conducted afterwards to guarantee to homeowners/clients that the home/premises are clean and free from potentially health-damaging bacteria and moulds.

Products used as a fogging agent are non-toxic, biodegradable products therefore  homes can be treated and in some cases be ready for you to return in the same day.

We are a Mould removal company in Perth WA that provide service for

  • Mould inspections, mould removal, mould cleaning, mould testing, mould sampling, mould remediation, mould clearance testing
  • Working to Australian mould guidelines
  • (Mould investigation and remediation, mould risk evaluation, PMII
  • IIRC health and safety water, damage restoration
  • Water damage cleaning & restoration

Water Damage Perth:

Mould and More: trained and certified provides water removal and structure drying for homes and businesses that have experienced water damage. Our technicians can get your damaged structure back to its original condition.

  • Certified Residential Mould Inspections/ Certified Commercial Mould Inspections / Certified Mould Remediator / Certified in Mould Remediation Protocols: Professional Mould Inspection Institute:

Odour Removal: Remove unwanted odours from your environment:

Infection Control/Bacteria/Germs/Testing/General Fogging/Touch-Points: Making for Healthier environments:

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections (Mould, Damp/Moisture, Voc’s,) Residential/Commercial: Formaldehyde

Knowing as much as you can about the condition of the property before you buy will help you avoid problems and extra costs down the track.

“Sick building syndrome” is a term used to describe a condition in which people experience ill health only when inside a building. They are free of symptoms when not in that building. While symptoms vary from person to person, they may include a headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, nausea and eye/nose/throat irritation.

 All dwellings contain mould spores, for spores to become active and become visible mould needs moisture and a substrate on which to grow: Mould spores enter properties through open windows, doors, on clothing, foot traffic, and pets can traffic mould:

Fungal spores: The spores of fungi that become mould are always present in the air and on objects. When the temperature and moisture in the environment are suitable for germination, the fungus spore bursts and grows into a thread-like filament called a "hyphae." Using the object, it is growing on as a food source.

For significant mould growth to occur there must be a source of water (which could be invisible humidity), a source of food, and a substrate capable of sustaining growth.